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SK Auto Body About Us

Our Mission

Here at SK Auto Body, we care most about you, our valued customer. We treat every vehicle as if it were our own. Our mission is to make repairing your car as smooth an experience as possible. Offering state of the art technology, and a team of world class technicians, we will bring your car back to life. Our commitment to our customers is our promise, and our customers are our family.

Our Story

At the young age of 18, Sam Kassis, founder and owner of SK Auto Body, opened his first auto body shop. Over the years, Sam learned countless auto repair techniques from dozens of the most experienced technicians in the business. In 2001, Sam moved to Methuen Massachusetts and opened SK Auto Body. From the moment the doors of SK Auto Body opened, the company's most important values were to offer the highest quality auto body repair, and to provide world class customer service. Sam has now appointed his son, Shadi Kassis, as SK Auto Body's general manager, sharing with him the legacy of the business.

Meet the SK Auto Body Team

SK Auto Body Sam Kassis

Sam Kassis

Founder & Owner

SK Auto Body Shadi Kassis

Shadi Kassis

General Manager

SK Auto Body Dexter Kassis

Dexter Kassis

Chief Security Officer

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